Things That Keep Me Up At Night

By Joel Bruckenstein
Source: Financial Advisor magazine


Over the last several months, I’ve traveled thousands of miles, met hundreds of advisors and spoken with numerous representatives of custodians, broker-dealers and software vendors. Although I’m generally rather upbeat about the future of this industry, there are some things that concern me about current affairs. While I’m not predicting Armageddon or anything close to it, I do believe that individual advisors and organizations that fail to address these issues will lose opportunities at best and suffer consequences at worst.


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The Price Of Dithering

Waiting To Develop An Exit Plan Can Result In Haphazard Transitions


By Mark Tibergien, Pershing Advisor Solutions
Source: Investment Advisor magazine


One of the hardest decisions for a business leader to make is when to exit. This is also one of the most important decisions. This choice informs every other aspect of management, from the people hired to firm branding to client relationships. It also directly impacts the leader and those who depend on him.


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Pure’s Play

By Dan Jamieson
Source: Financial Advisor magazine


After selling his former firm, Telesis Financial & Insurance Services, in 2007, Michael Fenison figured it was time to retire. Fenison, then a 55-year-old San Diego advisor, had built Telesis into one of the largest branch office systems in the ING broker-dealer network. But he’d grown frustrated running the hybrid operation and dealing with independent contractors he could only partially control. The commission and sales culture of the brokerage industry never quite sat right with him.


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No, Really: You Need Your Own Financial Planner

By Ann Marsh
Source: Financial Planning


Ten years ago, planner Richard Kagawa couldn’t get his wife to discuss their own retirement. “She would say, ‘It’s too far away. I don’t want to talk about it,’” recalls Kagawa, now 62, of Capital Resources & Insurance in Huntington Beach, Calif. “My response was: I’m in the planning business. How can I not talk to my wife about retirement?”


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By Joyce Hanson
Source: InvestmentNews


A handful of data analysis and account aggregation tools for advisers have come to market, highlighting how new technologies are being developed to make advisers more competitive with personal financial management websites such as Personal Capital and


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In Financial Data, Small Is The New Big

By Ellen Uzelac
Source: Research Magazine


Has big data had its moment? The advisory profession has been abuzz about data mining for the past year or so—and no wonder. Just imagine your ideal client—a physician with a net worth of $10 million, a Jag in the driveway, a sailboat at the dock and a dog at the front door—and big data will find her for you.


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The Latest Wrinkle In Estate Planning: Digital Assets

By Darla Mercado
Source: InvestmentNews


Few people are able to monetize the time they spend cultivating photos on their Pinterest accounts, but commercial pilot Dan Ashbach knew he was sitting on a gold mine when he attracted more than 1 million web followers, and marketing companies approached him with deals.


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FPA RPI Studies How Advisors Communicate, Segment Clients, And Conduct Review Meetings

By Michael Kitces
Source: Nerd’s Eye View blog


This month, the FPA’s “Research and Practice Institute” (RPI) released its study on “Trends in Client Communication”, a part of its ongoing follow-up to last year’s “Future of Practice Management Study” that identified client communication as a key driver of advisory firms (and a self-identified challenge area for many advisors).


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RIA Profits, Growth Hit 8-Year High: Schwab

By Emily Zulz
Source: ThinkAdvisor


Registered investment advisors reported record growth and profitability, according to the 2014 RIA Benchmarking Study by Schwab Advisor Services. Profits were highest since the study’s inception in 2006.


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Comprehensive Planning: Time To Add Staff?

By Andrew Coen
Source: Financial Planning


Comprehensive planning is catching on with advisors — and their clients. But it can be labor intensive, requiring that a practice add more resources and staff, advisors say. Advisors across all channels aim to have 43% of their clients receiving a holistic planning experience by 2016 according to research from Cerulli Associates. This is up from 33% in 2013.


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