7 Technology Tricks Advisers Should Be Using

By Brad Johnson
Source: InvestmentNews


If you’ve been in business for more than 10 or 15 years, chances are you still remember what I affectionately call the “Technology Dark Ages.” Do you remember when almost all business communication was done by fax? Or how about when you had to pull off and find a pay phone to contact a client you were about to meet?


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When She Brings Home The Bacon

By Helen Modly, CFP, CPWA
Source: Morningstar


It is becoming more and more common for us to work with couples where the traditional roles are reversed between the spouses. In some cases, the husbands have retired altogether to become stay-at-home dads–just don’t call them Mr. Mom, a term has become somewhat offensive to these men! Even when these husbands are still working, their wives are clearly bringing home the lion’s share of the family’s income.


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Why High-performing Advisers Are Aggressively Adopting Technology

By Hal M. Bundrick
Source: InvestmentNews


With recent rapid advances in technology, clients now have access to investment apps on their phones that are on par with any wirehouse workstation. So, faced with a clientele increasingly comfortable with technology, how do top-performing financial advisers utilize tech compared to low-quintile producers?


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Talking Prenups With Clients: 6 Tips

By Kimberly Foss
Source: Financial Planning


Many of my clients walk down the aisle with the security of a prenuptial agreement. Because the foundation of my work with clients is to plan for an unknowable future and ensure that they are prepared financially for whatever life throws at them, I almost always advise signing a prenup. But pitching the prenup isn’t always easy; many clients initially view it as unnecessary and, well, unromantic.


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Vanguard Officially Launches Its Robo Adviser, Drops Minimum Investment To $50,000

By Alessandra Malito
Source: InvestmentNews


The Vanguard Group Inc.’s Personal Advisor Services, the mutual fund company’s robo-adviser, is officially open to the public. The automated investment platform, which also offers investors the option of consulting with an adviser, draws only from Vanguard’s array of funds for its portfolios.


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Envestnet Offers Digital Tool To Battle Robo-Advisors

By Bernice Napach
Source: ThinkAdvisor


A day after Envestnet CEO Jud Bergman welcomed attendees at this year’s Advisors Summit with a pledge to help them cross “the digital divide,” the company announced a new digital portal. The Advisor Now portal is part of the firm’s push “to help advisors deliver high-quality personalized, and holistic wealth management services where and when clients want them,” Bergman said in a statement.


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Fear Of Falling

By Mark Tibergien
Source: Investment Advisor magazine (via ThinkAdvisor)


There comes a time when most advisors wonder: “Did I devote the same level of care to my financial life as I gave to my clients’ lives? Did I follow my own advice? Am I prepared for the future?” These questions hit closest to home for advisors contemplating the next chapter of their lives. So, do you have a solid plan in place? What do you tell clients who ask, “What will happen to me if something happens to you?”


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Advisor Retreat? Make Sure It Pays Off

By Dave Grant
Source: Financial Planning


A year ago, I brought four other advisors together to form a “mastermind group” to discuss best practices for managing our practices. Three of us are fee-only RIAs and two are affiliated with broker-dealers. There are three woman and two men, and we’re all younger than 35; two bought practices and three started from scratch.


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Getting Back That ‘New Business’ Feeling

By Angie Herbers
Source: Investment Advisor magazine


Think back to when you first started your firm: how excited, motivated and inspired you were. One way we describe that feeling is “brilliance,” which is, according to TheFreeDictionary.com, “exceptional clarity and agility of intellect or invention.” It’s the mental state that enables us to do our best thinking and our best work. Unfortunately, if you’re like most advisory firm owners, you probably don’t feel that way anymore.


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Happy FAs Need More Than Money: Study

By Chris Latham
Source: Financial Advisor IQ


Advisors who are unhappy with their pay have a reason to leave their employer. Yet even advisors who earn enough money might walk out if they dislike their work environment. Contrary to what many managers tell themselves, this isn’t always about a “poor fit.” Firms that satisfy advisors on both pay and work environment are best positioned to retain talent, according to the 2015 Trends in Adviser Compensation and Benefits study.


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