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Build a strong foundation for client engagement

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When you’re working on new ways to engage clients and attract prospects, be sure you’ve constructed a strong foundation first, suggests industry writer and researcher Julie Littlechild. “Adding new clients is a false win if you don’t have the infrastructure in place to deliver on the promises that you made to those clients,” she writes in a post at her Absolute Engagement blog. She provides six questions to help you assess potential foundation weaknesses. For example: Have you clearly defined your client acceptance criteria? And, have you segmented your clients based on value? See a link to her post below for more details. Also, understanding the traits and challenges of the “sandwich generation” can help you more effectively provide advice and value to this group. Fidelity’s recent Millionaire Outlook study finds that 61% of Gen X/Y millionaires are supporting children and/or grandchildren and 20% are supporting parents and/or grandparents, writes David Canter, in a column at ThinkAdvisor. He notes that the sandwich generation also carries more debt and faces higher college costs for their kids. He provides tips on working with this cohort, such as focusing on their full financial picture and being knowledgeable beyond money management. See the full story below.


Are There Cracks in Your Client Experience Foundation?

By Julie Littlechild

Source: AbsoluteEngagement.com

I remember my response very clearly as the contractor told me they would need to dig a seven-foot hole around a significant portion of the house to fix a problem with the foundation. It’s not a response I plan on repeating here, but let’s just say it was an exuberant expression of my displeasure. The house, to me, was perfect. But it was sitting on a shaky foundation, making it not so perfect after all. It’s not that different when you’re designing your client experience.


5 Tips for Advising the New Sandwich Generation

By David E. Canter

Source: ThinkAdvisor

While the “sandwich generation” is nothing new, the latest members of this group are facing a unique set of challenges, like more debt, increasing college costs for their kids and parents who are living longer. Based on the findings of Fidelity’s ninth Millionaire Outlook study, 61% of Gen X/Y millionaires are supporting children and/or grandchildren and 20% are supporting parents and/or grandparents. What’s more, nearly seven in 10 are carrying debt[i], adding to their financial juggling act.