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Tips for creating a marketing activity tracker

When setting up a marketing-tracking process, it’s important to make sure you set activity targets, track the right activities and reflect on your progress, write Stephen Boswell and Kevin Nicols in a column at WealthManagement.com. They provide tips on creating an activity tracker, such as assigning a point value to each activity and committing to a weekly point target. See a link to their column below. Also, in a podcast at BecomingReferable.com, Mark Schoenbeck, executive vice president and national sales director of Kestra Financial, discusses how he helps advisors articulate their purpose (why they got into the advice business), formulate their personal stories, show vulnerability, and communicate in a jargon-free manner. At the end, he discusses a powerful way for advisors to identify just who their ideal client is. See a link to the podcast below.

How to Build Your Own Marketing Activity Tracker

By Stephen Boswell, Kevin Nichols

Source: WealthManagement.com

Most advisors know they should track their key marketing activities—it’s no secret. And while activity tracking is basic in theory, implementation takes an incredible amount of self-discipline. It’s the ultimate form of internal accountability. It’s also the only way for you to tangibly identify what marketing activities are driving real results.


Changing the client conversation to drive referrals

Podcast with Mark Schoenbeck; hosts are Julie Littlechild and Stephen Wershing

Source: BecomingReferable.com

Mark Schoenbeck, EVP and National Sales Director at Kestra Financial, is committed to helping financial advisors build quality, sustainable businesses, and has been doing so for over 15 years. He has extensive experience as an advisor, chief marketing officer, and practice management consultant. He believes that real change happens when you combine emotionally charged goals with accountability and practical execution. We unpack those concepts in our conversation with Mark.