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Advisors recognize that they can’t win over every prospect they sit down with, but industry researcher and author Barbara Stewart notes that “Sometimes, body language can help us get that edge.” In a column at the Enterprising Investor blog, she offers tips on how to convey traits such as trust and credibility through body language. She describes ways to express a sense of intimacy and openness as well. See a link to her column below. Also, networking is a valuable way to build your book of business — as long as you select the right events, have a goal for what you want to accomplish, listen and ask good questions, and know how to politely close a conversation, explains consultant Beverly Flaxington in a column at Advisor Perspectives. “Never go to a networking event where other advisors are vying for the same audience,” she cautions. See her full column below.

Let’s Get Physical: Body Language and Success

By Barbara Stewart, CFA

Source: CFA Institute’s Enterprising Investor blog

Why should financial advisers care about our body language? According to Mark Bowden, a global authority on nonverbal communication and author of Winning Body Language and the forthcoming Truth and Lies, co-written with Tracey Thomson, among other books, we can use our body language to stand out, win trust, and gain credibility every time we communicate with our clients. And I know he’s right because it worked for me!



Networking Not Working? Four Tips for Success

by Beverly Flaxington

Source: Advisor Perspectives

Many advisors believe their next-generation employees could build a book of business from networking. After all, the lead advisor attended a lot of events, talked to a lot of people and found a lot of business that way! Unfortunately the old-fashioned networking that worked for you no longer succeeds. Networking is important, but there are ways to do it well.