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Businessman Soccer

We’ve all been inspired by the Winter Olympics in South Korea … but sports can also power your prospecting goals. Here are 8 ways you can use sports in your business development:

  1. Hit the ice. Got hockey fans in your book? An advisor in Florida configured his contact manager to track client hobbies. He discovered which of his clients liked hockey as much as he did and regularly took a few of them out to NHL games with their friends—scoring on some business goals in the process!
  2. Embrace the Madness. If you like college basketball, host a tournament watch party for your favorite school. You can spring for delicious catering. Be sure to hook up a big screen tv and have plenty of comfortable chairs. (This also works for football in the fall!) Invite your best clients and their friends for a watch party—show off your brackets!
  3. Take in a road trip game. An advisor in Mississippi rented a tour bus for his clients and their friends to attend a Memphis Grizzlies NBA game in nearby Tennessee. Along the way he delivered a very brief infomercial for his firm—and then enjoyed the game with old and new friends (some of which later became clients)! Another advisor in the New England area does this for Red Sox games, renting a bus that clients to and from the game.
  4. Host a golf event. Contact your favorite course or TourGolf to arrange a nine-hole scramble for beginners and/or best-ball contest for more advanced golfers. One advisory firm met guests at Battery Park in Manhattan then ferried them to an exclusive course in New Jersey. Guests relaxed on deck on leather couches with drinks, and were later greeted by caddies and grabbed a shack before a 5:45 tee-off. After nine holes, guests dined on BBQ chicken and steak, shrimp kabobs, oysters and salads—and some chose to compete in a “nightcap” putting contest. All guests were returned home safely. It cost roughly $4,000 per foursome.
  5. Sponsor a Little League team. Not in the market for a big-bucks outing or event? Think smaller—by supporting a good cause—your child’s baseball or basketball team. You can buy the uniforms, if needed, or support the team by advertising in the outfield. One advisor in Florida took his team sponsorship to new heights by creating a blog on his business website just to post photos and scores from the Little League games. It was a big hit with parents—and because he tied it in to his business, it created some favorable advertising for his firm.
  6. Take in Spring Training. If you live near Southern California, Arizona or Florida—you could celebrate the annual ritual that is Spring baseball. Take a few clients out to the ball game—and cheer for your favorite team! Hope springs eternal in the Spring—so that’s a good time to grab a few beverages and spend three hours with clients and their friends chatting.
  7. Create a golf (or tennis) foursome. You don’t have to go to all the effort of hosting a fancy event—to gain the benefit of playing golf (or tennis). One female advisor started playing with a few clients once a week, rotating among their favorite courses—and it became a thing. She was able to invite their friends, as well as some of her strategic allies to participate.
  8. Ride off into the Sunset. If you’ve got the stamina—and the bike-start a bicycling bunch that gets together regularly to ride. One advisor actually started working toward a triathalon and developed a niche among that sport’s aficionados. He hosted joint marketing events with a local athletic wear company.

Use your imagination—and your passion for sports to fuel your next business development adventure!