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Advisors who don’t want to lose clients who are widows need to do more research on what kind of help they need and how to build better relationships with them. A financial planner and three colleagues undertook such research in a study titled “Widows’ Voices: The Value of Financial Planning,” according to a Financial Advisor article. One of the conclusions of the study was: “We believe an educational program for widows could benefit many of these women.” The study points to various resources for advisors as well. Also, when communicating with clients and prospects via websites and marketing materials, keep it simple. Content writer Matt Ledoux, in a column at Advisor Perspectives, explains that you’ll get more clicks with a conversational and plain-spoken voice. Write at a 7th grade reading level, he recommends. See his other tips in his column below.

How Advisors Can Tailor Their Services For Widows

By Karen DeMasters

Source: Financial Advisor

Anecdotal evidence abounds about widows and their uncertainty about or even fear of–finances after their husbands’ deaths. But one advisor has set out to research exactly how widows cope, and how advisors can serve them better.



Do You Write Like a 7th Grader? (If not, you should)

By Matt Ledoux

Source: Advisor Perspectives

After helping more than 150 financial advisors write their marketing materials, I keep seeing a common mistake. They write in “financialese.” It’s a language not meant for humans. I’m not sure who it’s meant for – possibly another advisor? Maybe robots?