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Do What Other Advisors Can’t or Don’t Do

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Differentiating yourself from other advisors is a powerful marketing strategy. Two ways to distinguish yourself are to: 1) do things other advisors don’t, and 2) do things other advisors can’t, writes Stephen Wershing in a post at his Client Driven Practice blog. “Can’t” means that you provide services to clients, e.g., technical knowledge, that other advisors aren’t capable of offering. With “don’t,” you highlight services or tools you offer that other firms don’t. Read the full details below. Also, many advisors struggle with crafting an elevator pitch that will wow prospects. Industry coach and speaker Kerry Johnson, in a column at Advisor Perspectives, provides a step-by-step tutorial, starting with: Label yourself in three sentences, articulate three benefits you provide, and tell a story using those benefits. See the link to his column below.

Can’t Versus Don’t, Either One Can Work

By Stephen Wershing

Source: The Client Driven Practice blog

Your marketing power is directly related to the strength of your niche – that special client experience you have created to differentiate yourself from other advisors. There are two ways of setting yourself apart: doing things other advisors don’t do and doing things other advisors can’t do.



Branding Yourself: How to Create a Great Elevator Pitch

By Kerry Johnson

Source: Advisor Perspectives

Can you tell a stranger what you do within 30 seconds in a concise, succinct and interesting way? Are you able to differentiate yourself from all of your competitors in only a few sentences? When you meet someone new, do they hear what you do and say WOW!!! Does your website, brochure and business card draw interest and attention to you? If not, you need a great elevator pitch – a verbal and possibly written calling card lasting only the length of time it takes to ride an elevator to the top of an average building, about 30 seconds.