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When you’ve been “ghosted” by a prospect — in other words, they’ve gone silent on you — there are several follow-up strategies you can try to re-open a conversation, write Stephen Boswell and Kevin Nichols in a column at WealthManagement.com. One option is to apologize for any miscommunication and ask the prospect for feedback on what you can do better. See the full story below. Also, the best way to build strong connections with clients and prospects is to be relatable. “By being great storytellers [advisors] come across as more empathetic, human and personable,” writes consultant Drew Taylor in a column at Advisor Perspectives. A few of his storytelling tips: be authentic, and paint a mental picture for them. See the link to his column below.

Are You Hearing “Crickets” from Your Prospect? Try This.

By Stephen Boswell, Kevin Nichols

Source: WealthManagement.com

You probably have a prospect right now that has stopped responding to your communications—a cricket. You had a productive meeting, they expressed an interest in your services, you even offered a proposal and then poof—they’ve disappeared. You’ve been “ghosted.” The truth is, most people don’t like to tell you “no.” Instead, they go silent and avoid confrontation. It’s easier for them to create distance and hope that you give up. From their perspective, it’s less confrontational. But this silence doesn’t always mean that they don’t want to do business with you. Maybe your proposal was unclear. Maybe they have a life event holding them back. Regardless, your objective is to re-open the conversation and uncover their reality.


How Advisors can be Great Storytellers

by Drew Taylor

Source: Advisor Perspectives

Throughout my 30+ years’ experience leading sales and relationship teams within the financial services industry I have watched knowledgeable, motivated, and focused sales people and advisors struggle to connect on a personal level with clients. Advisors gathered all the necessary data through comprehensive discovery, held regular meetings with their clients, had great looking presentation materials and were extremely responsive to client needs and requests.