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Choose a firm name that conveys your brand

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Advisors searching for a name for their new RIA firm need to know what they want to convey about the firm’s brand, mission and values, says financial writer Sara Grillo in a column at Advisor Perspectives. Grillo lists eight questions that will help an advisor come up with a moniker that reflects the value and purpose of their firm. For example, “If you were to hire an advisor, what three things would you seek?” See a link to her column below. (See her previous tips here.) Also, client experience isn’t about what you “do” for clients, “it’s how you make your clients feel,” writes consultant Angie Herbers. It’s important to make clients feel like they belong at your firm and you’re grateful for them, Herbers writes in a column at ThinkAdvisor. Give them an experience that they’ll want to tell others about. See her column below.

Eight Questions to Answer When Naming Your RIA Firm

By Sara Grillo

Source: Advisor Perspectives

Ever since I wrote an article about naming an RIA firm, I’ve been inundated with requests to review people’s firm names. I appreciate that! But I also want to clarify what you need to understand about your brand before you can come up with the words to capture it. Many people ask me what names would be good for their firm without telling me anything about their firm’s mission or values, or the key ideas they want the brand to represent. Here are eight questions to ask yourself to find that information.


Good Client Experience Really Is About … the Clients

By Angie Herbers

Source: ThinkAdvisor

I’m writing from the annual Market Counsel meeting in Miami, Florida, which was preceded this year by the T3 Advisor Technology conference add-on. The theme of the T3 pre-conference was, in my words, creating a client experience through technology that is similar to your face-to-face advisory experience. Unfortunately, in my experience, most advisors pick the wrong technology because they don’t know how to define their face-to-face client experience.