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Six key components to online communication

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E-newsletters are a way for advisors to reassure clients “that you’re on top of things, you’re thinking of them and they’re important to you,” writes industry speaker Dan Richards in a column at Advisor Perspectives. However, none of that happens if the e-newsletter is never opened. Richards provides six elements that advisors must get right to create an effective communication. The first is “length and frequency.” Read the full details below. Also, do all facets of your business reflect your niche or ideal client? Industry writer and researcher Julie Littlechild suggests that advisors look at their client experience “from the outside in” and examine various facets of their business structure to make sure they are meeting those clients’ needs. For example, what are your client acceptance criteria? Other areas to examine are your products and services, your team and your partnerships. A link to her post at her Absolute Engagement blog follows.


Why Clients Ignore Your E-Newsletters

By Dan Richards

Source: Advisor Perspectives

There are three cardinal sins when it comes to communicating with clients: being inaccurate and misleading; being inappropriate and offending; and being dull and boring. Even if you don’t mislead or offend clients, if you bore them, the time and effort to communicate with clients is wasted. There are six components to doing a great job of communicating online.


Does Your Business Really (Truly) Reflect Your Ideal Client?

By Julie Littlechild

Source: Absolute Engagement blog

When it comes to designing a client experience, we tend to approach from the ‘inside looking out’, focusing on the needs of our clients and the communications and activities that we can provide to support them.  Not a bad plan. I’d argue, however, that you also need to approach client experience from the ‘outside looking in’ and focus on if and how you’ve structured the business to support the needs of those clients.