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I’ve been writing about business planning a long time! I always hear financial advisors tell me that the years they take the time to actually write out a business plan were their best in terms of income and results. Everyone knows—what we write down (and monitor frequently) gets done. What we don’t write down (and don’t monitor frequently)—gets neglected.

But now there are so many ways to use technology to get stuff done that you MAY NOT need to write out a formal business plan.

The free phone app

One of my writing colleagues turned me on to the Success Wizard app. (Note: The mobile version is free. The web version has a 14-day free trial, and then starts at $19/per month but has additional features. You can download it free on your iPhone or Android.)

Here’s how it works:

The app first asks you a series of questions to assess your current state of affairs:


Reality Check

  • What is the main obstacle or challenge I am currently facing?
  • What bothers me? What am I worried about?
  • What am I longing for in my life? What is mostly missing in my life right now?
  • What is my deepest desire?
  • What must I accomplish to feel satisfied and fulfilled?
  • What have I wanted to do for along time, but still haven’t done?
  • What is stopping me from doing what I want?
  • What is my greatest fear?


Then it asks you to rate your satisfaction in various areas of your life:


My Life Chart

Work & Career 1-10 __
Health & Fitness 1-10 __
Love & Romance 1-10 __
Wealth & Finances 1-10 __
Family & Friends 1-10 __
Spirituality & Faith 1-10 __
Recreation & Lifestyle1-10  __
Personal Growth 1-10 __


Then it takes you through a detailed envisioning process where you picture your dream life three years from now. The next screen asks you to set goals in the eight areas (but you can focus on whichever area you wish.)

So, say you picked Work and Career. It gives you some sample goals, including “Generate $________business income every month.” If you select that sample goal, then you will be directed to personalize the goal in a specific dollar amount.

And you will be asked to provide a date you want to achieve the goal, why it’s important to you what you would gain by achieving this goal, the price you’re willing to pay to achieve it, and any risks and obstacles.

One question I thought was terrific: Why didn’t you achieve this goal already? What’s stopping you?

And of course: What can you do differently now?

Once you complete this exercise you are directed to enter intermediate goals or milestones in achieving your big goal, and the activities you will pursue.

Example: Earn $30,000 net per month by January 1, 2019.

Intermediate: Increase assets under management to $100 million

Intermediate: Bring in 10 accounts of at least $2 million each

Activity: Talk to one qualified prospect per week

Activity: Meet with one center-of-influence per week

Activity:  Host monthly client event or workshop

Activity: Write a quarterly article for a niche publication

And finally, you can schedule your activities on your calendar. So, for instance, if your goal is to write an article for a publication that is read by your niche, you would schedule your deadline, and all the steps you would need to undertake writing that article. (Or you could call me!) But then you would plot out daily actions needed to finish every step in each of your goals and activities, including setting up recurring actions that need to happen, say, every Tuesday.

That’s just ONE goal. Things could get complex fast. Except here is the really COOL part.

Success Wizard asks for permission to access your calendar.

So, let’s say every Tuesday, you want to send a warm email to one of your prospects. It automatically places the reminder/event in your phone calendar.

So in less than an hour, you could have a really good business plan—all mapped out on your calendar with the activities you need to accomplish your goals.

I know it’s going to make a difference in my business. Give it a try!