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Keep your ‘strategy wheel’ aligned

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Before you invest in marketing, consultant Gail Graham recommends you take a look at your “strategy wheel,” which has four axes: strategy, structure, operations and culture. This will help you define your business goals and objectives, she notes in a column at Financial Advisor. “It’s important to understand that a brand isn’t just about marketing; it’s about everything you do,” she writes. Read the full story below. Also, listening is a critical communication skill for advisors, but to be truly effective, financial professionals say you must engage in “empathetic, active or meaningful listening,” notes an article at ThinkAdvisor. The article offers tips on avoiding listening pitfalls and suggests that advisors looking for additional instruction might consider classes or an active listening workshop. Follow the link below to the full story.

The Strategy Wheel

By Gail Graham

Source: Financial Advisor

The goal of DIY marketing is to give advisors and marketers some proven tools and ideas to help them make progress in their business. The “strategy wheel” is a discovery process that will force you to clarify your business goals and objectives and then honestly assess your organization to see what else you need to work on. Only then are you ready to seriously invest in marketing.


The Underrated Art of Listening to Your Clients

By Steve Luckenbach

Source: ThinkAdvisor

Randy Carver is a financial advisor with a thriving practice outside Cleveland, Ohio.Carver is also a licensed private pilot with a twin-engine Cessna. Several years ago, a crash landing left him with shattered ribs, collapsed lungs and a cracked larynx. After leaving the hospital and returning to work, Carver was forced to speak with clients in a strained whisper through a voice amplifier. The impact: He learned to listen.