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Treat your top clients like airlines treat loyal passengers

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To keep your very best clients feeling happy and valued, you need to take a page from the airline industry and know how to treat them like VIPs, notes Dan Richards in a column at Advisor Perspectives. He suggests three steps to ensure you provide the best experience: use the right criteria to identify your best clients, group them into the right categories for special treatment, and differentiate the experience for top clients. A link to his column follows. Also, social media professional Scott Kleinberg warns that you can get things wrong if you rush to share content on social media and don’t check sources. In a column at InvestmentNews, he provides five tips to help make sure you share “the right stuff.” His mantra is: “Being first is one thing. Being right is everything.” Read the full story below.

Three Steps to Dramatically Happier Clients: Lessons from the Airline Industry

by Dan Richards

Source: Advisor Perspectives

Every advisor wants clients to be 100% satisfied, especially those top clients who drive profitability. It takes three things to ensure that your very best clients feel well served. Regrettably, most advisors do a mediocre job on the first two and an abysmal job on the third. The good news is that there is help at hand, with the airline industry providing a roadmap of how to treat your most important clients.



Sharing on social media: How to do it right every time

By Scott Kleinberg

Source: InvestmentNews

Everyone knows one of those people. Someone who knows the entire story before everyone else and isn’t shy about sharing those opinions on social media. They’re almost always wrong. Whether it’s something that’s at first shocking but eventually makes you chuckle, like one George Papadopoulos mistaken for another George Papadopoulos, or something that makes you cringe, like the president meaning well by thanking a singer but tweeting it to the wrong person with a similar Twitter handle. Or maybe it’s something that makes you mourn, like the details of a terrorist attack. These mistakes are preventable nearly every time.