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Think before answering: ‘How’s it going?’

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When people ask, “How’s it going?” you could be putting a damper on referrals by giving that often-automatic reply of “busy.” Your clients might interpret “busy” as meaning you are at capacity, notes Stephen Wershing in a post at his Client Driven Practice blog. He provides some alternative responses to encourage referrals; for example, describe how smoothly your practice is running. Read the details below. Also, advisor Nina O’Neal had an “aha!” moment when she realized that working with younger clients can generate leads to the older generation. “Gen X and Y children are bringing their parents, and sometimes even their grandparents, to us as clients,” she writes in a column at Financial Planning. Asking probing questions of Gen X and Y clients about their parents’ financial plans can create a referral opportunity, she notes. See the full story below.

Why how you answer “How’s it going?” affects referrals

By Stephen Wershing

Source: The Client Driven Practice blog

You are talking about your referability even when you’re not talking about referrals. Even small, offhand comments communicate a message and that message affects how clients think about recommending you, often when you don’t realize or expect it. Take, for example, how you answer the question “how are things?” Seems pretty innocuous, right? I mean how could that possibly have an effect on referrals?


The aha! moment that led to new clients

By Nina O’Neal

Source: Financial Planning

While financial advisors scramble to attract millennials, our firm is trying a different approach: We’re forming strong relationships with our youngest clients to ultimately reach their baby boomer parents. This client acquisition strategy has been long in the works, and was informed by my own experience navigating my early days in the financial services industry.