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Outdated online strategies undermine credibility

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Studies show that clients want honesty and trust from advisors, but if advisors are using outdated marketing tactics online, they are likely undermining their credibility, notes marketing consultant Robert Sofia in a column at Financial Advisor. He outlines five factors that cause advisors to lose credibility, including “clone” websites, cliche messaging and mobile (phone) ignorance. See the full list below. Also, in a Q&A at WealthManagement.com, Megan Carpenter of FiComm Partners talks about the importance of connecting with people through digital, social and mobile means. The biggest mistake advisors are making in marketing? “Complacency,” she responds. Read the full Q&A below.

5 Ways Advisors Are Losing Credibility Online

By Robert Sofia

Source: Financial Advisor

Nearly every financial professional I know will admit that the secret to building successful client relationships is trust. But the most successful advisors likewise agree that you must begin earning that trust way before the initial consultation. Unfortunately, some advisors are undermining their credibility online by using outdated marketing tactics and by imitating—or trusting—the wrong people.


What Is a Successful Marketing Program?

By Diana Britton

Source: WealthManagement

The days of referral-based, organic growth in this industry are nearing an end, giving way to a consumer-driven sales process. And clients today primarily prefer digital marketing. At a time when advisors are dedicating more of their budgets to new marketing strategies, how can the service providers to advisors differentiate their marketing programs? That’s what Megan Carpenter, CEO and co-founder of FiComm Partners, a marketing and public relations firm, will address at the WealthManagement.com Executive Forum on Oct. 11 in New York City.


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