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Client acquisition is an important part of an advisor’s practice, which is why finding (or creating) an easy-to-use prospect tracking tool is essential. Practice management consultant Teresa Riccobuono, in a column at Advisor Perspectives, shares a color-coded prospect tracking system that she used as an advisor to keep in touch with those in her pipeline. In addition, she offers other guidance on turning prospects into clients, including how to analyze the data in a tracking system. See her column below.  Also, advisors continue to delve into video as a way to increase their exposure, tap into referrals, and stay in touch with existing clients. Case in point is a Michigan advisor who has made more than 120 online videos about financial planning. “Part of our specific purpose is to build as much audience as possible,” advisor Leon LaBrecque told Financial Planning. He and several other advisors shared their video production tips and successes with the publication. See the link below.

A Six-Step Plan to Track Prospects

by Teresa Riccobuono

Source: Advisor Perspectives

It is less expensive and time consuming to keep an existing client compared to acquiring a new one. Therefore, much information is offered regarding serving clients. However, acquiring new clients is an important part of growing and maintaining a practice since clients pass away or move to a state where you may not want to pay an additional fee to become licensed. Many advisors are terrific at securing new prospects, but I have found that most need guidance in keeping track of and staying in touch with those in their pipeline.


Should I … Create videos for my planning firm?

By Ingrid Case

Source: Financial Planning

Leon LaBrecque has a knack for appearing on camera. He estimates that that he’s made more than 120 online videos about financial planning from his office in Troy, Michigan, where he is CEO of LJPR Financial Advisors. Most of his videos are less than two minutes long and easy to watch. “There’s nothing sales-y about them,” LaBrecque says. “I’m not talking about technical market stuff. I can’t do that in two minutes. I’m good, but I’m not that good.”


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