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An advisor website should include fees, services

Are your clients and prospects aware of your fee schedule and what services you offer for those fees? If not, it’s time to update your website and include that information, counsels Bob Veres in a column at Advisor Perspectives. In addition, “Give prospects an idea of the potential dollar value and types of value that each of your services can deliver to clients,” he writes. See the link to his column below. Also, Robert Sofia, founder and CEO of Snappy Kraken, describes the difference between good data and bad data when evaluating you digital marketing efforts. For example, visitor numbers are referred to as “vanity metrics” and tell nothing about how your marketing efforts are working. “It’s the prospects, leads and clients we care about,” he writes in a column at ThinkAdvisor. Read the details below.

The Five Points that Belong on Every Advisor’s Website

by Bob Veres

Source: Advisor Perspectives

Shouldn’t clients be able to look on a financial planner’s website and see what services they can expect to receive for the fees they expect to pay? Shouldn’t the profession evolve a pricing model where people who do more for the client can charge more, and those who do less will charge less?


The Marketing Metrics That Really Matter for Advisors

By Robert Sofia

Source: ThinkAdvisor

To anyone who’s ever felt overwhelmed after looking at Google Analytics, know this: You’re not alone. Even financial advisors, who make their living working with numbers, can find themselves drowning in a sea of open rates and visitor counts, page views and conversions. It’s hard to know which metrics matter and which are just extraneous data points that reveal nothing about the successes or shortcomings of your digital marketing efforts.


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