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Content marketing doesn’t have to be difficult

“Take it easy on yourself” when it comes to writing content for your blog, Megan Carpenter, CEO of FiComm Partners, counsels advisors. In a column at InvestmentNews, she outlines the seven keys to content marketing success. Here are just a few: Be current, be relevant, let go of long-form writing, and write what you know. See her column below. Also, Patrick Beaudan, CEO of an investment and robo platform called Emotomy, discusses the importance of tech tools such as asset allocation and social listening to increase client retention and referrals. He notes that: “Analytics will help advisors figure out who needs extra attention, who may be able to provide a new referral, and more.” See a link below to his column at Financial Planning.

The 7 secrets of content marketing ​

By Megan Carpenter

Source: InvestmentNews

Here’s something that happens to me a lot: I finally convince an adviser to try content marketing. Then I have to talk them down off the ledge once they realize the whole world will be able to read everything they publish online. That includes their clients, their partners, their mothers — everybody. Seriously. The knuckles go white. Sometimes they get clammy. I can almost hear what they’re thinking.


Cater to clients who care about financial data

By Patrick Beaudan

Source: Financial Planning

As a longtime investment advisor, I have never walked into my office and thought, “Finding clients is so easy.” Our industry is competitive, and clients are difficult both to engage and to retain. A good client stays with his or her financial advisor for approximately four years, according to my conversations with custodians — and that’s not very long. In order to get that client and keep him takes frequent, active engagement and re-engagement.


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