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24 Client Gift Ideas to Show Appreciation

Recently I received an unexpected gift of gourmet ice cream from a client. It was such a surprise as I’ve been writing about giving gifts to clients for years—always a popular topic! (Incidentally, the gift was purchased from Jeni’s artisan ice cream. And I give it an unqualified thumbs up.)
As I have written before, giving thoughtful gifts shows clients you appreciate their business. And you don’t have to wait for the holidays to express your appreciation. Throughout the year you can find ways to celebrate with clients. When a client’s son or daughter goes off to college, when your clients earn promotions or receive recognition for community involvement. Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, births, deployments and graduations – all are excellent occasions for client gifts.
And if you choose just the right gift, you can impress clients with your good taste, intelligence and sophistication.

Which gifts are appropriate? In general, books, food, plants, flowers, promotional items, or tickets are always appropriate. Items of clothing, jewelry or perfume, might be deemed too personal.

Here are 24 ideas for a variety of occasions. Some of these never go out of style. Let them serve as a creative inspiration for your gift ideas.

Birthdays and special occasions

  1. Birthday gift card to a client’s favorite restaurant.
  2. Floral bouquets for recently widowed and divorced clients on their birthdays.
  3. Amazon gift card for clients’ children going off to college.
  4. Fifty red roses for clients celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.
  5. Grandparent basket for first-time grandparents with a digital photo frame, height-tracking chart and a grandparent’s book to record client’s life history.
  6. Travel kit for couple planning a dream European vacation, including a travel book, appliance-converter set, and personalized luggage tags.
  7. Framed copy of a newspaper article lauding a client’s achievements in the community or reprinted newspaper photo of a client’s child involved in a sporting event.

Consumable and hobby gifts

  1. Coffee and tea gift basket for clients who love daily hot beverages.
  2. Gourmet food basket for the foodie client.
  3. Wine chiller for the client who loves wine.
  4. Annual membership to Wine Travel Guides for the traveler who dreams of visiting the fine wine regions of Europe.
  5. Round of golf, or lesson with a local golf pro for the client trying to improve.

For readers

  1. Complimentary subscription for a client’s favorite magazine or newsletter.
  2. Book donated to the local library in the client’s name (for the client who has everything.)
  3. Business book or inspirational book that you think could help the client in their work.
  4. Membership in BookSwim, the Netflix for books.
  5. Personalized bookmark for people who love books.

For the client who has everything

  1. Charity Gift Cards that let the recipient go on-line to choose a charity they like from over 150 well-known charities
  2. Donation to an animal rescue shelter in the name of one of your animal-loving clients


Always classy

20. Pen and pencil set

21. Personalized stationery or note cards.
22. Personalized letter opener


For the client who loses things

  1. Key Finder for a client who constantly loses their keys.
  2. Fire-safe box for clients to use in storing their vital documents.

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