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Don’t let your video marketing fail

Creating videos can help financial advisors enhance communication with prospects and clients — as long as they heed tips on how NOT to produce them. Ben Sullivan, communications director, First Ascent Asset Management, shares his expertise in a column at ThinkAdvisor, warning (among other things) that a “talking head” approach doesn’t make a good video. Another tip: Write a script. See the link to his column below. Also, Amy McIllwain of Hootsuite provides some insights from social media research to help advisors determine how to differentiate themselves from others and ensure that they are effectively reaching their customers and prospects. For example, the data suggest advisors might find better success engaging with clients on social media outside of normal work hours. See the post below from WealthManagement.com.

4 Reasons Your Video Marketing Is Failing

By Ben Sullivan, communications director, First Ascent Asset Management

Source: ThinkAdvisor

So, you’re thinking about making a video for your practice. Well, good news. You’re on the right track. As a writer and director, I’m the guy you would call once you’ve decided to make a video. From experience, I can tell you that video is one of the best ways to improve client engagement, boost conversions and drive sales. Just don’t make me (or your production team) hate you.



How the Financial Services Industry Is Using Social Media

By Amy McIllwain

Source: WealthManagement.com

Social media has transformed the financial services sector in several significant ways, from improving customer service to creating an entire subsection of financial technology providers. Social media is no longer optional, it’s a necessity. But with such a high level of penetration comes a new subset of challenges; namely how to stand out from the crowd and ensure your customers are being reached.


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