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Embrace tech to boost marketing

Advisors are slowly but surely making the move into digital marketing. An article in Investment Advisor magazine explores various digital technology resources available through broker-dealers as well as other financial firms and third parties. Online options, social media, lead-capture tools and video are some of the resources discussed. See the full story below. Also, Julie Littlechild, an industry speaker, writer, and researcher, explains how advisors can plug holes in their prospecting process so lucrative prospects don’t slip through the cracks. In a post at her AbsoluteEngagement.com website, she outlines a seven-step process to attract and engage prospects online, starting with using your website to tell prospects about your lead magnet. See the complete list below.


High-Tech, High-Touch Marketing

By Jane Wollman Rusoff

Source: Investment Advisor magazine (via ThinkAdvisor)

Client expectations about you and your practice don’t suddenly kick into high gear after you’ve added an individual or firm to your book. They start way before you’ve even made your first contact, since prospective clients assume you have an online presence. Establishing that digital presence and being available online means you must fully embrace technology. Fortunately, there are many new ways to accomplish this, thanks to an array of resources offered by broker-dealers and a variety of other financial firms and third parties.


Are Your Prospects Slipping Through the Cracks?

by Julie Littlechild

Source: AbsoluteEngagement.com

Question. What percentage of prospects, who take the time to meet with you, become clients? I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that it’s high. And while ‘high’ is a good thing, the question masks a real problem. There’s a more important (and potentially uncomfortable) question I need to ask.


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