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The 4 Pillars of Successful Client Events

Hosting client appreciation events is a good way to not only say thank you to clients, but to build relationships and do additional asset gathering, writes Trent Gain in a column at ThinkAdvisor. But no one wants a dud. He lists four foundational elements of a successful event: Make it accommodative, be sincere, be systematized, and be impactful. Read the details below. Also, Amy Parvaneh, founder of the consulting firm Select Advisors Institute, discusses strategies for targeting high-net-worth prospecting during a podcast with Michael Kitces. “We are big, big, big proponents of going after your current clients and current contacts for getting more referrals as the best avenue for growth,” she tells him. Parvaneh offers a program called Referralytics, which helps advisors grow their firms through targeted, research-based referral introductions. A link to the podcast is at Kitces’ Nerd’s Eye View blog.

The 4 Pillars of Successful Client Events

By Trent Gain, COO, The Independent Grid

Source: ThinkAdvisor

Certainly one of the most prevalent ways to thank your clientele for their business and promote new business opportunities for your practice is to host the ever-popular client appreciation event. We have all hosted enough of these events to know that some are more popular than others. But why is that? Was it the theme or the outing itself that made it successful?



Reaching HNW Prospects Leveraging Targeted Research and Introductions with Amy Parvaneh

Source: Nerd’s Eye View blog (host Michael Kitces)

My guest on this week’s podcast is Amy Parvaneh. Amy is the founder of Select Advisors Institute, a practice management consulting firm with a focus on helping financial advisors to grow through targeted referrals of high-net-worth prospects, and providing them the sales and business development coaching that’s needed to ensure those prospects actually close when the opportunities come.


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