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Navigating Compliance Oversight When Blogging As A Financial Advisor

SEC Chairman Jay Clayton has said he and the Labor Department will work together on moving the fiduciary rule forward, according to Financial Planning. “It’s not separate,” he told a Senate subcommittee, noting that what happens at the DOL will “affect the markets we [SEC] regulate, and vice versa.” Read the full story below. Also, Michael Kitces, at his Nerd’s Eye View blog, discusses how advisors who blog — or want to — can work within their compliance oversight structure to deliver timely content. Some suggestions: 1) Work proactively with your compliance department to let them know what you want to do and write; 2) Provide the department with an editorial calendar, and write and send them a few articles early on. See his full post below.

SEC chairman promises action on fiduciary rule

By Kenneth Corbin

Source: Financial Planning

SEC Chairman Jay Clayton pledged to move forward on the fiduciary rule in a “coordinated” process with the Department of Labor. Clayton presented the agency’s trimmed-down $1.6 billion budget request before a Senate subcommittee Tuesday, noting more than half would pay for enforcement and examinations. The SEC and Labor Department must work together on “the very complicated issue” of the rule, he said.


Navigating Compliance Oversight When Blogging As A Financial Advisor

By Michael Kitces

Source: Nerd’s Eye View blog

As digital marketing for financial advisors slowly gains momentum, there is growing interest amongst financial advisors to launch their own blog as a means to showcase their expertise. Yet the challenge, for advisors at both broker-dealers and RIAs, is that any prospective advertising content to the public must first be reviewed by compliance, and the compliance oversight process can make financial advisor blogging difficult – especially for those in a large broker-dealer environment.


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