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Cultivating Referral Relationships

Advisors know that CPAs are a valuable source of referrals, but they invariably struggle with how to create and cultivate that referral relationship. In a guest post at Nerd’s Eye View, Dave Zoller of Streamline Financial Services (who once worked at a CPA firm) explains how advisors can set themselves apart by helping a CPA solve several problems that often arise with clients during tax season. In addition, he outlines a three-step process to setting up a meeting with a client’s CPA (without being pushy). See the link below. Also, marketing consultant Jud Mackrill describes how advisors can work through the hurdles of content marketing by “getting specific,” becoming “the selfless teacher,” and focusing on clients and prospects — not themselves. Read the details below in his column at Advisor Perspectives.

3 Ways Financial Advisors Can Get CPAs to Actually Refer Clients

By Dave Zoller (guest columnist)

Source: Nerd’s Eye View blog

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a close relationship with a CPA practice that would consistently refer new business to you? Being fortunate enough to have worked in the past at a CPA firm, I’ve learned that about 3 out of every 10 clients will ask their tax preparer for help with their personal finances during tax season. That’s an incredible opportunity for you as a financial advisor, if you’d like those tax preparers to refer their clients to you. All we need to do is find a way to be top of mind so that we’re included in the conversations they’re having with their clients.



Three Ways Advisors Fail at Content Marketing (and How You Can Succeed)

by Jud Mackrill

Source: Advisor Perspectives

My five-year-old daughter recently decided that she wants to be a gardener. I took her to the store, where she selected various seeds to begin her new adventure. She thought it was as easy as just planting the seeds in our flower bed. I slowed her down a little bit and explained that we would need to buy some special nutrient-rich soil and start the seeds in an empty egg carton in the house before we moved them out to brave the weather on their own. Content marketing is incredibly similar. Every time you write a blog, post something on social media, host a webinar or send an email, you’re planting seeds. You’ll have to exercise a little patience, but with proper attention, the harvest will come and you’ll begin to get prospects.


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