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Creating sales teams can be highly effective in growing new business, especially when you match up advisers’ complementary sales personalities. Sales coach and consultant Amy Parvaneh describes four key personalities (the charmer, the analytical, the harmonic, and the rhythmic) and how certain pairings of colleagues can “result in higher and more immediate sales results.” Her column is at InvestmentNews, below. Also, if you want to take some of the mystery out of referral process, find out “how” your clients refer. Industry writer/researcher Julie Littlechild suggests talking with five clients who have provided referrals over the past year and asking about the circumstances that led to the referral or introduction. The clients’ answers to specific questions can help you understand what will spawn more introductions. See her post at her Absolute Engagement website.

Expedite your sales with an organizational revamp
By Amy Parvaneh
Source: InvestmentNews
Jenny, an adviser at a $350 million financial planning firm in Southern California is a highly prolific networker in her community. She attends charity events, belongs to multiple boards, is heavily involved at her church, has recently been asked to present in front of an affluent study group and knows most of the professional centers of influence in her community. On Linkedin, she has close to 4,000 connections.

Turning Referrals into Introductions
By Julie Littlechild
Source: AbsoluteEngagement.com
We tie ourselves into knots trying to understand why more of our clients, who clearly love us so much, don’t tell their friends and families about us. I’ve written, at length, about why clients don’t refer and why they do and I believe that understanding the answers to both questions is critically important. What I haven’t specifically addressed is ‘how’ they refer. And how clients refer is almost as important as if they refer.

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