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Why You’re Losing Prospects & How to Win the Marketing War

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A marketing war is mounting, and brand strategist Gail Graham says that to compete with big and same-sized firms, independent advisors need to spend time and “probably some real money” to “position, price, package and promote” their firms. In a column in Financial Advisor magazine, she suggests five steps for advisors to take, including “make your offer more tangible.” See a link to her column below. Also, industry consultant Julie Littlechild writes an honest letter to advisors about the awkward and lifeless individual and group photos she sees on their websites. A prospective client wants to see your culture and your personality, she notes in a post at her Absolute Engagement website. Her first tip: Hire a professional. See her post below.

5 Steps To Prepare For The Marketing Wars
By Gail Graham
Source: Financial Advisor magazine

Our business is moving from a phase of blue sky growth, a time when many advisors claimed they never really felt much competition, to a much tougher environment. Financial advisors are about to enter a marketing war, and small and midsize firms will both face challenges over the next several years.


The Fastest Way to Lose a Prospect (Before You Ever Meet)
By Julie Littlechild
Source: AbsoluteEngagement.com

Good friends are your biggest cheerleaders. They’ll also tell you when something about you or your business can be ‘improved’. Today I want to be a good friend and get honest about the individual and team photos I see on many advisory websites. So here goes … Dear Advisors: Please stop sharing awkward photos of your team standing in a formation in which they would never stand, in a location in which they would never be together or dressed in a way they don’t always dress.


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