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Website essentials to reach and connect with prospects, clients

A website takes a lot of planning and organizing to make sure you don’t leave off any important features. Business consultant Crystal Butler, in a column at Advisor Perspectives, provides a list of essential items for your website, including video, lead generation material, a blog, social media links, a privacy policy, and a copyright. See her full list below. Also, if you were to define your target market and put it on a welcome sign outside your office, what would it say? How would it sound? Consultant Julie Littlechild suggests you conduct such an exercise to assess your target client and put together a description “that’s a rallying cry for new clients.” See her post below at her blog on AbsoluteEngagement.com.


11 “Must Haves” for Your Website

by Crystal Lee Butler                                       Source: Advisor Perspectives

Whether you’re a small independent advisor or large financial firm, there are 11 key items you need to have on your website. These items will help you reach people more organically and truly connect with your current and prospective clients. I want to share with you what they are and why they are so important.

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Your Target Market and the Authenticity Test

by Julie Littlechild                             Source: AbsoluteEngagement.com

Last week I asked a CPA about her target client. She told me (with a hint of pride that she could answer the question with such specificity) that she worked with individuals or families with annual household income in excess of $150,000. And while the answer seemed perfectly reasonable, I had a hard time imagining a less inspiring description of a target client. She had perfectly demonstrated two of the common ‘misses’ when it comes to defining your target market or ideal client. It doesn’t reflect a group of people who are likely to energize and inspire you.

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