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Make Client Appreciation Events Part of your Marketing Strategy

As advisors assess their marketing strategy and look for ways to improve client communication and marketing, consider adding a client appreciation event. It is a great way to make clients feel good about their choice of advisor and also turn clients into advocates. Encouraging clients to “bring a friend” will also drive traffic to the event and create opportunities to meet new people who are prospective clients.  The potential benefits of holding client appreciation events are:


  • Extend appreciation to your current clients for their business.
  • Deepen your client relationships.
  • Turn clients into advocates.
  • Introductions to clients’ guests.


How to plan a client appreciation event


Here is what to consider when planning a client appreciation event:


Size of event.  While hosting a dinner may be the first idea to come to mind, this may be difficult and expensive to hold for advisors with hundreds of clients.  If that is the case, advisors should consider holding smaller events based on their client segments.  These smaller events can be spread out over the year to ensure that you touch all of your clients.  Smaller events also will allow advisors more time to interact with clients.


Type of event.  Advisors who know their clients will inform the type of event that can appeal to client interests.  Think of having events centered on learning outside of financial planning.  Hosting a wine tasting, cooking or photography class will enable clients to learn about a topic and have fun in a relaxed setting.  These types of events may appeal to a large segment of clients.  For clients who are athletic, consider having an event centered on recreation like tennis or golf outing, or a bicycle ride that ends with a coffee or lunch.  There are many more ideas advisors can use to show appreciation to clients.


Whatever type of client appreciation event advisors choose to hold, the event should be enjoyable for everyone.  It’s an opportunity to socialize with clients in a relaxed setting and get to know them outside the business relationship.  As advisors plan marketing strategy for 2013, utilize client appreciation events to deepen client relationships and generate more client referrals.


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