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Great Ideas for Client Gifts

The holidays are upon us and with year-end only weeks away, you may be looking for gift ideas for clients and referral partners to let them know that they are appreciated.  Food and alcohol are common gifts that are given in because of their wide appeal.  Giving chocolate or wine may produce a lukewarm response, because clients are used to receiving these types of gifts.  Instead, consider gift ideas that will stand out and be remembered.   Here are some gift ideas to consider:


Charitable donations.  Offer to make a donation in your clients’ names and include a list of charities that clients can choose to direct the donation to.


Books.  If there is a book that has been a must read or has made an impact on you, give that book to clients and include a note about why they should read it.


Calendar.  Create a wall calendar with photographs around a theme such as nature scenes or architecture.  For each month, include reminders or financial tips that suggest what clients should focus on to improve their finances.  At the bottom of each page, your company name and contact information is included.


Create a recipe book.  Compile a book of favorite recipes from staff members and share your family favorites is nice personal touch that clients will appreciate.


Free Tickets – Give the gift of tickets to the movies, sporting events, or local theater shows make for great gifts.  A local theater show could also make a good setting to host a client appreciation event while supporting a local theater group at the same time.


Gift Certificates:   What better way to promote shopping in your local business district than to partner with local businesses and give gift certificates to your clients that will encourage them to shop locally.  Look around you for independent businesses.  A local coffee shop, book store, or restaurant could use a boost in sales and in turn will create goodwill that may lead to another referral source.


Whatever gifts you choose, make sure that you thank your clients and strategic referral partners to show your appreciation and set the tone for mutual success in the new year.  Happy gift giving and enjoy the holidays!


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