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Enewsletter Ideas to Stay in Constant Contact with Clients

Enewsletters are an excellent way for advisors to communicate to clients, prospects and strategic alliances to retain and bring in new business.


When it comes to getting your clients to be highly satisfied and eventually advocates, advisors need to almost over communicate.  Enewsletters are one tool that can help you stay in constant contact.  They can be frequent (weekly) or infrequent (quarterly) or anything in between.  In most cases, biweekly or monthly probably make the most sense.


Sometimes advisors writing frequent enewsletters will hit writers’ block.  If this happens and here are some ideas on what content to include in an e-newsletter:


1. Offer perspective.  Write from experience to make sense of the financial landscape and times we live in.  An advisors perspective is important and clients will find value in reading it.


2. Be helpful.  Include a “things to think about” section that offers ideas that clients should focus on.  This can include a financial checklist of items that clients should look at or have.  This may spur clients to reach out for help.


3. Teach.  Pick financial topics and educate clients about them, conveying why they are of importance.


4. Give updates.  Let clients know what is going on at the firm.  Share any news like new hires, new products or services.


5.  Be personal.  In a relationship business, it is super important to maintain a strong connection with clients.  Share things like funny stories, family updates and any philanthropic efforts.


The client enewsletters will not be read by all each time they are sent, but the recipients that do open them are much more likely to stay or become raving fans.  Hopefully they will like the content so much they will share the enewsletters to help increase awareness and bring in new business.


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