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50 Client Appreciation Event Ideas

Summers are ideal for hosting a client appreciation event. And while you may have hosted successful dinners at restaurants in the past, why not try something a bit unusual for your next gathering?


Here are 50 ideas for out-of-the-ordinary events:


4th of July party in backyard
Animal lovers’ night at Humane Society
Antique road show event with free appraisals
Aquarium night at local aquarium
Art class at a local gallery
Ballroom dance night
Barbecue at the pool
Book club with a local author discussing the book
Bridge card-playing night
Bus trip to local wineries
Casino night
Chocolate tasting
Cigar and scotch tasting event
Coffee tasting
Comedy night with comedian
Cooking class with local chef
Evening at the community theater
Evening at the museum with docent
Evening at the opera mingling with cast
Evening at the symphony
Evening with local sports heroes
Family event at local water park
Family event at nearby amusement park
Fashion and finance seminar
Fishing night at local hatchery
Fishing night at the pier
Golf lessons at the country club
Helicopter riding event
High tea for women clients
Horse race day
Horseback riding event
Hunting trip
Major League baseball event
Martini party at local business
Minor-league baseball night
Movie night with rented-out theater
NASCAR event
Oyster roast
Photography lessons
Physical fitness night at local gym
Picnic in the park
Poker night with lessons
Riverboat cruise
Sailboat cruise in the harbor
Scrapbooking night
Shrimp and lobster boil
Spa night event for women clients
Tennis party and Wimbledon viewing
Tour of local stadiums
Zumba class


Remember, the goal of a client appreciation event is to thank clients for their trust in you, and to provide a subtle push for referrals. Send out invitations several weeks in advance, then follow up by phone to see if your client will be bringing a guest. Consider having printed name badges (or matching golf shirts or other attire, if appropriate) for all guests so everyone feels they are part of the “exclusive” group. Always, when possible, include a charity tie in where you raise money for the related charity or institution. Encourage clients to bring items for the local food bank, for instance, or to donate to a scholarship fund or other good cause. If your event is at the museum, for instance, guests could learn about the exhibits, and make contributions to fund the museum.


Spend ample time greeting your guests and thanking them for coming. Follow up after your event with a handwritten note.


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