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RIA Central Digests for 05/29/2012

As you help clients with their financial matters, are you missing the concept of “heritage” planning? Advisor Cam Thornton says people need to tell their story. Read more in the Research Magazine article below. Also, a new study shows that consumers are eager for life insurance coverage, but the problem is, many haven’t received any offers to buy a policy. The On Wall Street article below explains more.


A Novel Approach

By Ellen Uzelac
Source: Research Magazine (AdvisorOne)


Never heard of heritage planning? You will, if advisor Cam Thornton has his way. “Most people are concerned throughout their life with money,” he says. … But what’s equally important is a person’s story. What is it that has made you who you are? That’s the missing link in most planning today.


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Consumers Are Eager For Life Insurance Coverage

By Juliette Fairley
Source: On Wall Street


Uninsured individuals do not have insurance coverage because no one had offered to sell them a policy, according to a new survey that explored life insurance buyers and non-buyers’ beliefs, motivations, influences, priorities and preferences.


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