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What Is Tumblr … And Should You Care?

With the $100 billion Facebook public offering, other emerging social media sites have been pondering their own lucrative futures. Recently, I wrote about the stunning growth of Pinterest, the 3rd largest social media network, now valued at more than $1 billion.


Tumblr is another social media platform gaining attention in the last year. The numbers are pretty staggering. Founded in 2007, it’s already the world’s 12th largest website, quickly surpassing the more established WordPress as blogging platform, and boasting more than 20 million “micro blogs.”


More from CNBC:


The site had roughly 140 million unique visitors and clocked 18 billion page views in April alone. Harnessing this traffic for advertisers is the company’s next step.
“We’re going to sell blog posts as an advertising unit. We’re saying to brands, ‘Come and be bloggers, be creative, promote yourself and get popular,'” said McLaughlin.


So is Tumblr a business platform for financial advisors? Perhaps not yet. While many advisors use WordPress to host their blogs, it’s doubtful that very many are jumping over to Tumblr now, which appears to cater to a younger, more multi-media-savvy crowd. The biggest attraction about Tumblr is that it’s fast. Blog posts are shorter and include more visual elements. It also features more of a community feel than WordPress blogs. You can easily “re-blog” something you like from another blog, just like you can “re-tweet” on Twitter.


It’s probably only a matter of time, however, before Tumblr is embraced by the business community, just like Twitter, Facebook and WordPress have been used effectively.


Here’s what one media follower wrote about Tumblr last year:


Don’t look now, but Tumblr is poised to emerge as the next great Internet sensation, right behind Twitter. … Tumblr’s popularity has been accelerating at breakneck speed, and all signs point to continued growth. Why has Tumblr become so popular, so fast? It may have something to do with our short attention spans and our embracing of short texts and tweets as our primary means of social communication. In addition, Tumblr offers a fun and easy platform to establish an online presence that’s an appealing blog, Twitter-like, social networking hybrid. It’s blogging, but without the commitment. Tumblr is a diverse social community that relies on short bursts of text, photos and video to communicate with the world. It’s much more visual than your average blog. And it’s catching on big time.”


If you’re a “visual” advisor who likes to create educational videos, take pictures, or create info graphics … Tumblr may be a comfortable medium for you. It’s also interconnected with Facebook and iPhone so you can instantly and automatically upload posts. Here are some business blogs on Tubmlr to check out:


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