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Time To Start Tweeting

How to Create a Twitter Account for Your Business


By now you have heard of Twitter and how it can help businesses connect with their clients and attract new ones.  You have probably learned that it is great for real-time information and education, plus it can get your firm added exposure.  You may be interested, but have resisted setting up a Twitter account because it is one more thing you don’t have time for or just need someone to show you.


Follow these 5 steps to get your business up and active on Twitter.


  1. Go to Twitter.com and register.  You will be asked for a username.  This is the name that others on Twitter will know you as.  Keep it as short as possible and use a version of your business name.  Twitter will tell you if the name is available for you to use.
  2. Customize profile.  Click the word “Profile” to make changes to your profile.  First add a picture.  If the content that will be shared is from one person, it is a good idea to use a headshot as your picture on Twitter.  If the content is from the firm (meaning multiple associates), consider using the company logo.  Next, use this screen to add your location and a 140-character bio. You need to convey what your business or brand is about as succinctly as possible.
  3. Choose a design.  Next is to choose a design for your Twitter profile.   In Settings, click the “Design” tab. Twitter offers multiple default design patterns for your profile, but you can upload your own background image and choose your own color palette.
  4. Make your connections.   Think of people, companies, and publications that you admire in the financial services space and follow them on Twitter.  By following them you will receive their Twitter updates.  You can browse Twitter by interest and provide responses to questions.  This will generate followers who are interested in what you have to say.  Also, promote your Twitter name on your website, business cards and e-newsletters to get the word out that you have a presence on Twitter.
  5. Send your first Tweet.  Now that you are all setup, it’s time to publish your first tweet.  To send a tweet, go to the Twitter home page and type a message in the field that says “Compose new Tweet”.  You are limited to 140 characters and can include links to web pages that Twitter will shorten so they don’t use all the allotted characters.  Hit enter or click the “Tweet” button to publish your new tweet.

Now that you are on Twitter, take time each day to monitor the tweets of the people you are following.  Develop a plan for your business to reach out via Twitter at certain intervals to get your name out there and expand the social media presence of your business.  Your Twitter followers could become your clients.


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