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8 Must-Have iPad Apps for Financial Advisors

Last Month, Apple unveiled its ultra slender and light (.37 inches thick, 1.44 pounds) iPad3, promising to deliver twice the performance of the iPad 2. At $499, the iPad3 is becoming a valuable business tool for professionals in many fields, buoyed by more than 200,000 available apps. How can financial advisors utilize the power of the new iPad? Here are some helpful (and very affordable) apps, available from the Apple App store, some of which come recommended by financial advisors.

1. Keynote ($9.99)


When meeting with potential clients, you want to be able to dazzle them. If you’re still lugging around your paper-based “pitch book” – it’s time to upgrade. The Keynote iPad app for presentations gives you an easy way to create a dynamic presentation and carry it with you. You can upload charts, photos, and add a dramatic flair to your slides with a variety of animating effects.  The Keynote app comes with 12 pre-designed themes that you choose from, and also allows you to upload PowerPower slide presentations. You can turn your presentation into a PDF document or You-Tube video, as well. You can even upload You-Tube videos or movies to add interest to your presentation. The Keynote app lets you present on your iPad, or via a projector, or HDTV. (Remote and output cables are sold separately.)


2. Sign My Pad ($3.99)


More and more financial professionals are going paperless – which clears up a ton of office space. So, why carry around reams of paper and risk losing important documents as you visit clients and prospects? Sign My Pad is a simple signature tool for the iPad that eliminates the need to scan and store later. Sign and store immediately. You can open PDF files from an email, Google Docs or DropBox app, and have your clients sign the document with a magnetic stylus (optional). You can even print from your iPad (if needed) with a compatible AirPrint printer.


3. Dropbox  (Free)


Dropbox allows you to store all your files, videos and photos in one place, and retrieve them later on any of your devices. You can upload your PowerPoint presentations, and account opening documents into your Dropbox account and have them ready to go for client meetings.  The real selling point is avoiding the embarrassment of not having your files accessible at all times.


4. Dragon Dictation (Free)


For years, advisors told me about Copy Talk, a voice transcription service, but now it appears that all that is available in a free app you can download on your iPad. Users have been raving about Dragon Dictation’s accuracy. If you’re always on the move, you can dictate your notes from meetings much faster than typing. You can dictate responses to email or client letters while you drive, or even social media updates, and then have the voice-to-text sent as a text message or email, or social media update.


5. Good Reader ($4.99)


This app allows you to read and make notes on PDF files, manuals, large books, and magazines. It can handle upwards of 100 mega bytes quite quickly. Advisors will find GoodReader helpful in presentations, team collaboration, and for researching.


6. Compoundee ($2.99)


Amortization and time value of money calculations can be challenging. Compoundee is a financial calculator that allows you to quickly calculate what an investment or loan payoff will be over time, with variables such as periodic deposits, inflation, taxes and investments. It can help you show clients what investments are required to achieve a desired accumulation.


7. TripIt Travel Organizer (Free)


If you’ve ever painstakingly searched for your travel plans scattered randomly throughout your email inbox, consider this app. Whenever you get a confirmation email from your hotel or airline, you can forward it to plans@trip.com, where it is collated into one travel itinerary synched to your calendar and available to be easily shared with travel partners or business colleagues. There is a premium version of this app ($49/year) that helps you search for airfare bargains, and provides helpful reminders via email throughout your trip.


8. eMoney Mobile (Free)


Provided you have a software license for eMoney … eMoney Mobile lets you and your clients retrieve their financial data on your iPad. Clients can see a list of their advisors, their balance sheet, accounts and holdings through an encrypted vault. Advisors can see all of their clients’ data from their iPad or iPhone.


Did we miss any? What are your favorite iPad apps?


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  1. Justin

    Hey Nicole – thanks for mentioning SignMyPad in your list.  We really appreciate it!

    Autriv, Inc.

  2. Excellent list! We use a few of these ourselves, including Dropbox, but the one we’ve found most useful and helpful is SignMyPad – definitely a keeper.

  3. Craig Iskowitz

    Financial advisors looking for ipad apps to provide the services you describe in this article have a myriad of choices available to them.

    I wrote a summary of a panel from the Tools and Technology Today for Advisors Conference on my blog that highlights 9 useful apps that can help advisors jump start their practice.

    You can read my article here: http://wp.me/pPor1-uq

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