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3 Savvy Tech Platforms to Help You Market Your Business

What are the three most important tech platforms for marketing your business?


I posed that question to 39-year-old financial planner Justin Krane, of Krane Financial Solutions  in Calabasas, Calif. Krane is a former UBS broker who left to start his own investment advisory firm and in just a few years has built a budding niche among women entrepreneurs, including interior decorators, therapists, hair stylists, and designers.


Krane’s recent workshop on business risk management showed up prominently in my Google Reader results, and he says without question, his most important tech platforms are the following:


1. Wordpess

Krane uses WordPress to power his website. He opted for a blog platform rather than a traditional html-based website because blogs are easier to update with video and audio content, and often show up higher in search engine rankings: Each new post “pings” the search engines. WordPress is cost-effective and user-friendly, though Krane delegates all the uploading and editing tasks to his marketing and communication associate. “  A blog is the easiest way to reach a ton of people,” Krane says. He puts up fresh content twice a week and credits his blog with giving him a higher profile in his niche communities, as well as a chance to spout off on edgy topics – something his clients and prospects adore. Some of his recent post headlines include: “Should Guys Wear Tube Socks With Sandals?” and “Do You Really Want That Big Screen TV?” He adds: “I always tie it in to a financial subject but try to draw people in with the title.” For more on a dynamic blog versus a static html website, click here.


2. Viddler

Krane just spent $2000 on studio lighting and purchased a new Cannon Vixia camera to begin shooting marketing videos once a week. All his videos will be posted on YouTube, but he will host them on Viddler, a hosting service and social networking site that allows him to embed the videos directly to his blog. “When you host your videos on YouTube the visitor clicks play, and after the video ends, it takes them back to YouTube,” Krane says. “I wanted them to stay on my site. Viddler lets me do that.”


3. Optimize Press

Krane uses Optimize Press to upload video and other content and push it out via email to his marketing list. Optimize Press is a customized WordPress theme creator. It is software that allows him to create “squeeze pages” “ one-time offers” “sales letters” and “launch funnels” through his blog. He is currently selling an online e-course for entrepreneurs to augment his fee revenue. “While you see a lot of business coaches doing this, you don’t see many financial planners doing it, mainly because they have no marketing email list. Everyone should have a list of people who like their stuff.”


What has Krane learned about making wise technology choices regarding technology?


“Follow what other people are doing and then have someone implement it for you. I like writing content for my blog but I’m not in the business of technology. I’m in the business of financial planning. That’s my unique ability. Fortunately, my marketing and communication associate has experience with all my technology platforms.”



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